Marketing to Sell

Marketing your property is one of the most important aspects of selling a home. The strategy I use to gain exposure to your home is multi faceted and is more than just listing your property on the MLS. Below are some examples of the marketing products that will be used to sell your property. 


Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Facebook and Instagram have over a billion monthly users combined and their platform allows you to very effectively target the people in your zip code and the people likely to move in the next year.  Each of my listings are marketed on both Facebook and Instagram. A team of creative professionals will create a custom ad for your property and it will be promoted using years of experience with both platforms. 


Video Marketing

Video marketing is leading the way on the internet and is becoming more popular each week. The attached video is an example of the custom video that will be created for your property. Your property will be shot, edited and produced by creative professionals to show your property in the best possible light.  The final produced video will be marketed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and through my email marketing tools. 


3D Walkthrough

Prospective buyers want to understand how a space feels before they spend the time to come see your home in person. The attached link is an example of a custom 3d walkthrough that was created for one of our listings. With your approval this is marketed prior to the listing going live in the MLS.  Pre-marketing a property helps generate more exposure without accuring time on market and can lead to a large demand when the property becomes available on the MLS. 


Professional Photographs

Photography is another very important marketing tool and can set your property apart from the competition. Your property will be photographed by a professional photographer and all images will be edited to show the property's full potential. The photographers are able to blend the exposure of the interior of the unit with the exterior light to produce magazine quality work.



Each property will have a custom made brochures using the professionally shot photographs. The flyers are printed on high gloss, high quality paper and will be given out at the open houses. The flyers are a great way to showcase all the details of the property. 


Custom property flyers will be used in addition to the brochures. The property flyer is a great way to provide a snapshot of all the important details of the unit. Property flyers will be distributed at the open houses. 

644 Washington Blvd Unit A - Pricing Analysis.jpg

Market Analysis

Before you decide on a price for your property, a complete market analysis is performed using active listings, closed listings and expired listings to give you a complete picture of the market for your property. After we've reviewed the report it will be your decision on how we price the property. 


Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to gain exposure for your property. My strategy for open houses includes marketing the open house the the surrounding neighbors, promoting it online through Facebook, Instagram, Zillow and Trulia, and notifying other @properties brokers about the open house. This strategy ensures that we get the most exposure during the critical first 25 days of a listing.  



The @properties agent app is a market within a market. Prior to listing your property on the MLS we will market the property internally to the 2000+ agents within the company. This helps provide exposure to the property without accruing market time on the MLS. This could result in receiving offers before the property hits the broader market.