Streeterville is probably best known as the entrance to the Navy Pier, but its story of “Captain” George Streeter is controversial to say the least. Back in 1886, when Captain Streeter’s ship was stuck in a sandbar after a rough storm. He instructed builders to pile junk and garbage around it. This created a new marshland, which he immediately claimed as his own - until years later that the courts finally ruled against this ridiculous claim.

To reference this historical story, a statue of “Cap” stands on this former site. But one thing that shines even brighter than this crazy character is the areas number one attraction: Navy Pier. This entertainment-filled playground is filled with amusement rides, gift shops, restaurants and so much more. Along the docks you’ll see some stunning boats. Navy Pier also has its very own beer garden, along with evening fireworks during the summertime.

But beyond the Pier, Streeterville lives on with an array of activities to take part in. You’ll find a lovely assortment of dining spots and outdoor recreation for everyone to enjoy.

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